Seriously.  I love the people at Granger Community Church.  I love the heart and passion of each staff member.  I love the smiles I see on their faces when they are at their hardest work.  Innovate it a lot of work…(not that I have been personally involved, except for washing Rob’s clothes, bringing him clean jeans because he spilled coffee on his a half hour before he was supposed to teach, taking care of his children so they are nice to him when he gets home, making sure he has food to eat, and a clean place to sleep…..)

Other than that, I’ve not been involved. 

But, when I was walking around Innovate this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the same fiery look in about 100+ people’s eyes.  These are the ones who sit in the background, do their job, and watch in amazement at what God is doing in and through them and this church.

As I was slamming down my McBreakfast while driving Rob his jeans, I couldn’t help but laugh at the "normalness" of our lives.  In all our spilling coffee, and eating on the road…our humanity, God shows up.  He chooses to use us and bring Glory to His name.  I am humbled that he has chosen this fiery little group of His followers to do something great for His Kingdom.   

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  1. DC Curry says:

    You’re awesome! Your family brings so much joy to GCC.
    Thanks for letting us know about the switch to Typepad.

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