I Never Do This, But….

I completely copied Rob’s blog post word for word, picture for picture.  He said everything I wanted to say, and he took the time to do it when I was cleaning up Belle’s puke, etc.  Figured he wouldn’t mind. 

Family Life Conference Day Two

Mukum Yellem Paul!  

In Tamil that means, "Your face is full of teeth!"  In other words, "That’s the biggest smile I’ve ever seen!"  It’s the Tamil way of saying, "You look so happy that your going to burst!"

Pretty much, that sums up the last two days. 

A major component of the FLC was not only teaching about healthy family life, but providing space to experience it.

Virtually everyone of these pastors admitted they have never taken a day off with their family.  If they did, they wouldn’t know what to do. 

Virtually everyone of these pastors admitted they have never spent an evening alone with their wife.  If they did, they wouldn’t know what a "date" looked like.

We showed them what romance looks like!


Raj and I to model for the pastors what an engaged, loving husband and father does with his wife and kids during a Sabbath day.

Each day, we provided a few hours in the afternoon, where we modeled a day off for the families, enjoying nature, playing together, talking, laughing, and just plain relaxing.

One afternoon, we took them to the local lake and nature preserve.  We ended up having the World Championship Paddle Boat Context: US vs India! 

rob trip 1936I provided navigation and the girls were the horsepower.  The girls have a competitive streak ( I wonder where they got that from?)  We took gold, although I think Bruce and his buddies went easy on us.

The kids loved the playground.

rob trip 1943

Michelle and the girls provided leadership for crafts and games with the kids and did an OUTSTANDING job.  The activities they provided drew the creativity out of the kid, broke down barriers, and created real community.

I was so proud of them I just about pulled a muscle.



IMG_0558 IMG_0561

We started all the sessions with the entire family involved.


We sang Camp Adventure Style. In other words, worship is as an aerobic exercise. We played games and danced like fools. 

rob trip 1382 rob trip 1414 The "touch the tongue to your nose" game was a big hit. Our girls showed off their mad skills.  Many of the people were convinced this was a uniquely American skill, until Abuwanin stepped out of the crowd.

rob trip 1823 rob trip 1832

If you’re wondering if "having fun" can have an impact for Christ, listen to this observation one of the pastors made at the end of day two,

In India, as husband and wives, we won’t reveal our love to their children. We won’t hug, touch, or speak words of love in front of the children.  These things are consider private.  However, we will have arguments in front of them. We must go against our culture in this. Why would we show our anger, but not our love?  If we don’t come together to express our love as husband and wife before our children, how will they know the security that only comes in know that Mom and Dad are One in Love?  We must change our culture for Christ.

When he said that, my face was full of teeth. MUKUM YELLEM PAUL!


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  1. I know when God’s truth comes to my ears because I get goosebumps like Dr. Bob. “We must change our culture for Christ” gave me goosebumps. God is so big. Oh, and you and Rob look really cute in that picture.

  2. mandy says:

    That post gave me goosebumps. Can’t wait to hear more!

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