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  • How would you begin to start a blog of your own?   What is Twitter? Rhoda
  • I started out working with Blogger.  It’s free and relatively easy to use. You can go to www.blogger.com and follow the directions from there.
  • WordPress is also free.  I’ve not used it much, but you can check it out at www.wordpress.com
  • I use TypePad www.typepad.com and it is around $8 a month for use.  I really like TypePad because I can be creative with layouts, book lists, etc.

Twitter is a way I stay connected to about 100 of my closest friends. There is a 140 character count limit, so it forces you to be very brief in your updates  🙂  You can go to www.twitter.com if you want to set up a twitter account.  If you have interment access from your phone, you can do your updates from there or just from

  • What advice do you have when you move away from a church that you love and have to start looking for a new church and cant seem to find one that feels like home? I think we are on #8. Susan

Advice?  Me?  I feel so official!  Well, seriously, I would say: remember that NO CHURCH is ever going to be perfect.  No church will meet all of your needs, or your family’s needs.  No church will contain all “nice” people.  There are flaws with every single church on the planet. 

I think the ultimate question is: Is the church alive? Are they ingrown or outwardly focused?  I would run for the hills if a church didn’t have some sort of  outreach program.  (or was trying really hard to get one going).

And…remember that it is not your churches responsibility to be the sole provider for what you learn and how you grow in Christ.  It is up to you to grow and learn the other 6 days of the week that you are not at church.

  • Have the Doctors made anymore guesses with Isabelle and her aches and pains? How has she been going? Susan

Miss Isabelle has had a few pretty rough weeks.  We are scheduled to go see a Pediatric Orthopedic doctor at Children’s Memorial in Chicago on Thursday.  Prayer’s appreciated!

  • What’s a normal day in the Wegner family (minus the visits to the emergency room)?Cyndi

Normal?  Ha!  A normal day together as a family would consist of sleeping in (a bit), eating breakfast, going on some sort of outing like hiking in the woods or playing at the lake, eating lunch out, coming home to rest, having pizza/movie night, snuggling on the couch, then going to bed!

  • Do you chose to read the slandering things on the Internet about GCC? If so, how do you process the words without getting angry? Jeanna

I occasionally read the terrible things people say about my husband, our church, and the staff at GCC.  I can’t read the stuff without becoming angry.  I rarely engage these bloggers in any kind of conversation.  I have done so on a few occasions.  There was one guy who crossed the line in a huge way on his blog in regards to Rob.  It was seriously crazy.  It was so crazy I should not have even said anything. 

I try not to let the anger eat away at me.  I usually get mad, then realize that these people are desperately seeking attention and must have not had mom’s and dad’s that loved them or something.  Then I’m not mad anymore and I can let it go.

  • If you had a whole day to do anything you wanted to do (and you could be selfish and greedy)what would you choose? Sherry

A whole day?  Oh my.  Dare I hope or dream?  First of all, I would sleep in past 8am.  Then, I would drink coffee and write for a few hours.  After I did that, I would go on a hike in the mountains (no mountains in Indiana, I would have to be somewhere else).  After hiking, I would take a nap, then write some more.  I’d be eating lots of chocolate this whole time, by the way.  Then I would eat some sort of supper, read a book, and go to bed!

  • Who is your favorite Star Wars character and why?Joshua

I am rather disconnected from Star Wars right now.  At my house it’s usually really bad pre-teen TV or some crazy movie Rob wants to watch.  BUT, way back when you were just a teeny-tiny baby, I was watching Empire Strikes Back with my brothers, Mom, and Dad in the back of our orange van at a drive in movie theater.  I could not decide who was cuter, Luke, or Hans Solo.  I was horrified that Hans Solo was frozen at the end.  I had nightmares about it,and it greatly disturbed me.  I felt for Hans, but decided in the end that Luke was way cuter.

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  1. I am curious… I’m new here 🙂 I found you through a comment you left elsewhere that said what I was feeling (regarding a critical comment about another Christian leader). Anyway… I enjoy your blog and will be back. But I am curious about the question about criticism of GCC? Is that your church?
    I’ll look back at your archives… just thought I’d say hello, and let you know enjoyed reading briefly and will visit again soon:-)

  2. Kim Stewart says:

    I LIKE YOU!!!! You have such a creative mind! And you seem to have such a sincere heart for God, your family, and people in general. Thanks for being a great example of a great person and Godly woman! BLESSINGS!!!

  3. fyi: it’s Han Solo, not Hans 🙂

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