I’m Off!

I’m leaving for New Hampshire in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow when you are sawing logs, or counting sheep, or snuggling with your favorite blankie.  Gail and Gordon live in a beautiful area of New Hampshire near the Quakers.  They have affectionately named their house “Peace Ledge”.  It is truly a home and a place filled with the peace and presence of God.  I am looking forward to some quiet, reflection, and guidance from someone I respect and admire deeply.  Gail has this way of looking past all my vices and going for the gut.  It’s an amazing gift she has, really.  Pray for me in these next few days.  See you soon!

One thought on “I’m Off!

  1. Shelly W. says:

    Have a wonderful time, Michelle. I can’t wait to read your report when you get home.

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