In The Dog House

A while back I did a post on vacuums.  I had no idea vacuums were such a hot, controversial topic.  If you are trying to get more blog traffic, talk about vacuums;  HOWEVER, if you are a man, do not buy your wife or girlfriend a vacuum for Christmas.

  In light of the topic of consumerism from my last post, take this video to heart.  It made me laugh out loud.

2 thoughts on “In The Dog House

  1. I got my first serious vac for xmas years ago when we were only married… two years, I think? I loved it. Now at 10 plus, we both know I would hate it. It’s all in your perspective, isn’t it?

  2. Papa says:

    I already bought her a new,large tv.
    Did I do OK?
    I was also thinking about a nice blender.

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