While sitting on top of a mountain today, I realized, as I always so when I am in that setting that a view like that, is simply indescribable.  What can you say about it?  You can’t really get a photo that will help others see the magnitude and wonder of such a site.  It’s times like this when you just sit back in wonder at God’s creation, think about how big He is, how small I am, how creative He is, how limited my own perception can be.  For now I think I’ll sit a while longer and just soak it all in.


Sedona 013 

Sedona 010

Sedona 016

Sedona 031

Sedona 032

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  1. Beautiful pics Michelle! I’m so glad you guys are having a great time! I saw Maddie with Lisa V and one of her daughters downstairs at Church tonight. I volunteered with the sitters & crawlers at the 5pm service. I though, I bet that’s who the girls are staying with. Maddie looks so much like you! 🙂

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