India Worries

So here are some things I am worried about when it comes to our India trip in a few weeks.  I know I should not worry, and some of you very strong, wise, mature Christians will tell me NOT to worry, but you can tell me another time, probably like after you’ve taken your family of 5 or more on a trip to a 3rd world country for 3 and a half weeks.

The Sleep IssueIndia Dec. 2006 234

  1. India beds are about as cozy as sleeping on the floor with a sheet under you
  2. Most Indian’s sleep on the floor-hoping I don’t have to
  3. Sharing a room with my entire family for 3 and a half weeks
  4. My kids not sleeping
  5. Me not sleeping (this will get ugly very fast)

The Food Issue

India Dec. 2006 225

  1. Just how much prepackaged food can I stash away in each suitcase?
  2. Will my kids be expected to eat the spicy food?
  3. Will there be anything BUT spicy food for us to eat?
  4. Do they sell Oreos in India?
  5. Just how much rice can a person eat before they explode?

The Potty Issue

India Dec. 2006 303

India Dec. 2006 339

  1. Most places in the rural areas have no potty’s
  2. Most places have no toilet paper
  3. Just how much toilet paper can I stash into everyone’s suitcases?
  4. Many women gather in villages every morning to go squat on bricks to…you get the idea.
  5. Must remember not to pray for anyone with my left hand again…big mistake

That’s pretty much all I am worried about right now.  It really does feel less worrisome now that I have what’s been spinning around in my mind written out.  Thanks for the therapy session.  You can send me your bill later.

One thought on “India Worries

  1. Charity says:

    You are a brave woman… I’ve done foreign missions… Stephen’s done foreign missions… we’ve done foreign missions together… never to India (my sister did though…) and never with our kids… that is where the bravery comes in.
    Seriously though, we’ll hold you and your family on our prayers as you prepare to go…

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