It’s official.  The Wegner’s are going to India.  Rob’s fabulous assistant Jeanna hit the button on Friday, so now it’s a done deal.  WE’RE GOING!  All 5 of us.  Me, Rob, Maddie-10, Whitney-9, and Isabelle-5.  (yes, 5…  oh my, what are we doing?)

Indian women-Field

  This is one of my favorite photos we have ever taken of life in India.  You can’t see the women’s faces, but you can see they are alive with color and strength.  Women in India are proud of their beautiful sari’s and proud of the hard work they endure to live.  I look at this photo when I am feeling distraught over my messy kitchen floor, or about having to pop some instant meal in the microwave and serve it on paper plates.

My life is easy.

My back hurts, I have bad arthritis.  So do they, and they don’t have medicine.  They don’t get to lay on their couch in the middle of the day if they are wilted from the sun.  I do.

We’re going to India not to “bring them hope.”  They know hope.  They know how to live.  We’re going to learn with them, grow with them, encourage them as we are encouraged.

I can not wait.

Check out the details of what exactly we will be up to on Rob's blog.

3 thoughts on “India?

  1. Jodi says:

    Wow what a trip that will be. I am so happy for you all. And again thank you so much for giving that to my son-in-law yesterday, that was really kind of you to do that. He has already taken the handles off and got them fixed up and cleaned all up so well it looks new, what a guy! Have a blessed day Michelle.

  2. Shelly W. says:

    Awesome! Your kids will never forget it. We took our girls to Brazil to visit missionaries who work with street kids when they were just about your girls’ ages–it changed them forever.
    Go you!!!

  3. VV says:

    Great snaps!
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