Is Blogging the New Avon?


Is it just me, or is blogging becoming the new Avon?  

I remember growing up in the 70’s where every house-wife sold Avon.  It drove my Mom crazy.  All her friends were trying to get her to not only buy Avon, but sign up to sell it as well.  The Avon ladies used to bang on our door with their big plastic Avon bags dangling from their wrists.  They would spray us with stinky perfume and try to sell us Angel pins when they found us at a neighbors house who willingly opened her doors to them. 

There was one lady on our block who was such an avid Avon seller that we never learned her first or last name.  We knew her simply as “Avon Lady.”

Between Twitter and the Blogging world, I am starting to feel the presence of the Avon Lady reborn.  The new Avon Lady is snazzier, sneakier, and wants to be your “friend”.  The second you click “accept” to accept this new friend on Twitter, you are amazed and befuddled at how every other Twitter update of theirs is pointing you to their blog.  Little do you know, that they have advertisers paying them for each click they receive on their blog.  These new Avon blogger’s are smart.  They’re tricky.  I hope they’re making a lot of money because these economic times are hard.  Long live the spirit of the Avon lady!

For me, for now, my blog is not for sale.  I just want to be your friend.  I want you to see my life as it is, not as polished up stories guaranteed to make me money.  My position as a Mom, Pastor’s wife, writer, daughter, niece, friend, is what is important to me.  The relationships I have and the people that read my blog are those I want to build into.  I want to provide a sense of what life looks like going “Further up, Further in” to God, His ways,  and His Kingdom in a normal, ordinary person in a normal, ordinary world.

I tried to sell Mary Kay once.  I was a miserable failure.  I’d never make a good Avon lady either.  Maybe that’s why God made me allergic to both perfume and nail polish. 

For my  blogging friends who do advertising on your blogs, I love you and respect what you are doing.  I would open my door to you any day if you were trying to sell me an angel pin.

6 thoughts on “Is Blogging the New Avon?

  1. good thoughts. I had no idea about twitter. how do you know they are being paid?
    I recently put the blogher ads on my blog, mostly to meet other bloggers via the links at the bottom, but so far I got nothin’. 🙁 kinda bummed about that, but I’m going to give it a chance. maybe they are being shy.
    all that to say: ads on your blog are okay by me, but let’s keep Twitter pure. my 02 cents.

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