Isabelle JOY

Isabelle turned 5 today.  When I was pregnant with her just 5 years ago I heard God whisper in my ear, “she will fill your life with joy…” 

I can not tell you how many people have told me that “Belle is such a joyful child” , and she “literally carries joy with her wherever she goes.” 

Isabelle is a little beam of light.  Her heart is full of love for he friends, family, and Jesus.  I love her more and more every day.  She is such a special girl, and I am so proud to be her Mommy.

One thought on “Isabelle JOY

  1. Sarah Koutz says:

    I’m so glad you take the time to celebrate Belle’s birthday separate from Christmas. It might not seem like a big deal now but when she gets older she’ll really appreciate it.

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