Isabelle Joy

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  Isabelle Joy, our baby girl  is 6 today.  She is alive with more joy than any person I have ever known.  She wakes up ready to fill anyone’s day with sunshine, and goes to bed the same way.  Joy  is literally her middle name.

She loves Jesus, animals, Littlest Pet Shops, her American Girl dolls, (but loves her sisters American Girl dollies more), Mrs. C.-her teacher, her family, Barbie’s, and all of her friends.  Her heart is full of free love for anyone she encounters…unless they are mean to her, then she is completely devastated because she has no idea why anyone would want to be mean to anyone (just like her Mama). 

Belle is an artist, sees tiny details in things that she can draw and replicate like no one else can.  She has a mind that remembers details about people and places that everyone else forgets or never notices.  She remembers how to get places we have only been once.  She could guide someone from our driveway in Indiana to her Grandma’s driveway in Chicago without any help.

Isabelle makes us all laugh every single day.  She is a rare treasure, and Rob and I are so blessed to get to be her parents. 

Happy Birthday Belle!  We love you so very much…and so does Ellie.

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3 thoughts on “Isabelle Joy

  1. Kathy Friend says:

    YAY! Happy Birthday Belle! Seriously – Belle might be one of my favorite people…well, all of your girls are!

  2. betsey says:

    I LOVE Belle!!!! And you too of course!!!!

  3. Jenny Maust says:

    We love Belle too! She is a really special girl with a very sweet heart! She is always welcome at our house. Happy Birthday Belle!

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