Isabelle’s Vocab words

Isabelle has a very strong vocabulary for a newly 4 year old.  She has always been very clear and articulate in her speech.  Truly, with all of her other delays early on, this is one area in which she has sky-rocketed.  She has even developed her own very intelligent words for feelings and ideas she does not know the proper word for yet.  Safari with Belle

Here are some of her own inventions:

chumfy-a dress that is too poofy, or hair that sticks up.  “I do not want to wear that dress Mom, it is too chumfy.”

spinzy-a design on top of a cake.  “I want that spinzy part”

boomer=bummer  “Boomer!  I just hurt my toe!”

meaniac=maniac  “Maddie, you are being a meaniac!”

I love this girl.  I love her creativity and her passion for life.  She keeps me on my toes every day…she also keeps me laughing more than I ever thought I could.

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