It’s Finally Here!

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The book Rob and I have been working on for months is finally here!  So many friends have given countless hours of their time to make this project a reality.  If you’d like a copy, you can order it at right now.  It will be available at Amazon any day here.  If you live in the Michiana area, you can pick up your copy at the GCC bookstore.

Here’s what Mark Beeson had to say:

SHARE THE WELL is brilliant. It’s a "must read" for every pastor, missionary and church-multiplication-strategist. It explains the essence of GCC’s model of church planting, modular missional coaching and innovative community transformation, with brilliant writing and stunning photography.

Every family at GCC should own a copy of this book.

Every pastor in America should own this book.

Everyone longing to participate in a movement that started with a handful of people in Granger, Indiana that has surged to over 120,000 followers of Jesus gathering in 950 churches in Tamil Nadu, India, should own this intriguing compilation of stories, pictures and truth.

Here’s what Mark Waltz had to say:

The story has been over ten years in the making. The book was conceptualized, lived, photographed and written over the past few months. Rob and Michelle Wegner wrote the story. A story of hope turned kingdom reality, a story of salvation that extends beyond any one individual to an entire community… and beyond.

And our good friend Dale Shafer wrote about it on his blog: 

After reading each of the stories in this book, I quickly realized that this is far more than just a collection of photos and commentary on taking Christ to the people of India. I read it cover to cover, taking in the stunning photos of familiar faces, and finding myself emotionally moved by the power of God flowing through the lives of the men and women who are sharing the well in India.

I’m so excited to hear what YOU have to say after you read the book.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be giving one away here soon.  🙂

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