It’s Give Away Time Again!

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Java Graphite Dinnerware Collection

Are your dinnerware sets as pathetic as mine?  For me, eating is the priority, not usually what the food is placed on.  I know this is a big deal to some, so because I love my bloggy readers so much, I am offering a $20 giftcard from CSN stores so you can choose something delightful from their dinnerware sets .

Do you need an individual place setting? A full dinnerware set? An individual plate, bowl or mug ?  It’s all there.

This time, to enter the give away, I thought it would be fun if you would share a comment about a dinner you’ve hosted that particularly sticks out in your memory.  Was it good? Bad? Embarrassing? Share a few sentences and you’ll be entered to win the $20 gift card.

If you’d like to be entered more than once, you can:

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Good luck friends, and may the best story win! You’ll be chosen by random generator to win on Monday, August 2, 2010.

11 thoughts on “It’s Give Away Time Again!

  1. Lisa Vukmirovich says:

    We recently had friends over for burgers. At someone’s suggestion, we put BBQ sauce in the meat mixture and the burgers totally fell apart on the grill. My husband was so stressed, he forgot to remove the paper that was separating the cheese slices, so people had burnt, fall apart cheeseburgers with a (paper) surprise inside!

  2. Suburban Prep says:

    While it was really just a dinner between my husband and myself it was the first Valentine’s Day that we were married. I wanted everything to be perfect. I want to make Chicken Lemon. I had everything ready and I got it all started when I got home from work. We sat down and the chicken was awful. I had put triple the amount of lemon on than was called for and well it is now called the night we had Pucker chicken.

  3. skoutz says:

    Last week I hosted a sandwich and game night for the college students in our ministry. We had lots of fun eating huge sandwiches and playing games but by far my favorite part of the night was their stories. These students had story after story of people they are sharing Christ with and fasting and praying for on a regular basis. It was awesome!!

  4. Hi, I love gray and shapes, so this picture caught my eye – I’ld love to have that set.

    My favorite dinner to host was a dinner for my bookclub. After reading “Julie and Julia,” by Julie Powell, we had a dinner with recipes from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child.

    It was a great evening – pictures here:

  5. Drew says:

    For my first Thanksgiving dinner I made “garlic mashed potatoes”, but just cut the garlic up and threw it in the mashed potatoes without cooking them. The raw garlic turned green in the cooked potatoes – it looked like big green peas in the potatoes. The family ate them anyways – but it wasn’t good. I saute or roast my garlic before it goes in potatoes now!

  6. Lisa says:

    A few years ago we had a couple over for dinner who were in town visiting from Nashville. My husband had worked for him a few years prior so it was nice to see them again and share a meal. A little while after dinner, our visitor was not feeling well and the couple left to return to where they were staying. The next day we visited the couple in the hospital because the husband had to have his appendix removed. Hard not to feel like it might have had something to do with the meatloaf…

  7. Stacy says:

    My husband & I hosted Thanksgiving for the 1st time last year. He decided to grill the turkey. He had done a lot of online research for brines & ways to grill the turkey. He took ideas from 3 or 4 different recipes. At the last minute he decided to rub the turkey w/ oil. So the turkey after a few minutes was up in Flames & smoking! After breaking a few untensils we finally removed it from the grill & into the oven. The outside was burnt to a crisp, but the inside was edible. Don’t think we will be hosting again this year.

  8. Krissie says:

    I made fresh cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner one year. I forgot to put in one key ingredient – SUGAR. Let me just say, people got a big surprise when they ate a mouthful of it! I will never live that down.
    CalifKitties (AT)

  9. Jennai says:

    How about the time I made pumpkin pie and didn’t take the “strings” out of the pumpkin. Tasted good, but really strange looking! I got teased a lot that Thanksgiving. Oh, and also not taking the guts of the turkey…..oops.
    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  10. Dalene says:

    When I was a senior in high school I was dating this guy I was sure was THE guy. For Christmas one year, I invited him and his parents over for my first “made all by myself” dinner – roast & homemade apple pie. We sit down to eat & it’s really quiet. Of course, I’m thinking of Christmas’ to come – how cool this would be to host a dinner as a couple. Then my “future father in law” breaks the silence with, “Wow, you can eat this roast with a fork….(long pause here) as long as you’ve got a good sharp fork.” He wasn’t THE guy after all…

  11. Cindy says:

    When I first married my husband he always talked about the wonderful from scratch meals his mother always made. So being a new bride and wanting to please my husband I made chili. But instead of buying canned kidney beans I bought a bag of beans so I could make chili totally from scratch and make my hubby proud! When the chili was done I called my hubby to dinner. I was dying with anticipation! I watched my hubby take his first bite and the most oddest look came over his face. So I tasted it. Oh my! The beans were hard as rocks! I didn’t know you had to soak the beans over night first. I burst into tears. But my hubby said ” don’t worry I will pick the beans out. The rest is very good” We still laugh about this meal 40 years later!

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