It’s the 2 Percent that Makes it Interesting

I just got done watching a documentary on Ruth Bell Graham’s life.  I have followed her life and death closely this  year.  There are so many similarities I see in Ruth that I see also in my life.  Her husband was a public figure, her husband traveled, so he was gone a lot, leaving her with the kids.  She had a lively  personality, and mostly she loved Jesus.

I think about her often when I am alone with the kids, especially on a crazy night like last night.  I think about her courage, her faith, and her creativity, and I want to be like her.  I am so glad for her life.

At the end of the documentary, Billy and Ruth are sitting together and he says, "We have been married for 37 years and I don’t regret one minute of it."  Ruth says, "Yes,me too".  Then she says,  "Wait a minuteLet me back up here."  Billy gets a worried look on his face.  She says, "I wouldn’t agree with that 100 percent.  I’d say about 98 percent was wonderful.  The other 2 percent is what makes it all interesting."

I had to laugh at that one.  I’m glad for the spicy moments in our life and in our marriage.  It’s the 2 percent that makes it all very interesting.


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  1. What a beautiful picture! And the post about you on your dad’s blog made me cry and call mine. Glad I found you online! Thanks again for offering us your back yard for the shoot!

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