Meet Jane.  When moved in, she was 6, now she is 12.  She’s been a best friend to my girls and sort of like an older sister.  Jane is the kind of friend you pray your kids will have someday.  From the moment Jane stepped into our lives, I knew she was golden.  She would give the girls her toys, fix their hair, break up their fights, and generally keep the peace.  The plays and songs Jane and the girls have made up have kept us, as well as the entire neighborhood, in stitches.  Jane has an amazing singing voice, and no doubt will be somewhere in the music industry somewhere someday.

Jane goes lots of places with us.  She’s the kind of kid that I actually call to go with us when we’re going to the store because I know she’ll be helpful, kind, and  Jane is just a joy to have around.  I am so grateful that my girls have such a good friend.

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3 thoughts on “Jane

  1. Nicki says:

    she is so sweet! nice blog!

  2. Elle White says:

    She was so wonderful helping me look after the puppies! And she made me amazing cookies. 🙂 I’m loving that third picture.

  3. Ryan says:

    A good neighbor to show good practices to your daughter is wonderful. I totally understand your thankfulness. The past several years Anna has had the influence of older boys only in the neighborhood. This time I am so humbled the Lord answered my prayer to have girls for Anna to play with and be positively influenced by where she lives. I can stand on my front porch and see the homes of the EIGHT girls who Anna plays with.

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