Kindergarten Logic

I have a very good friend who tests Kindergartners as they are entering school for the first time.  Her job is to ask them some very important questions,  and each year she records their very logical answers strictly for education purposes.  Enjoy!


1. What does a fireman do?  wash fire, feed pigs

2.  From what animal do we get eggs?  cow, raccoons, skunks, pigs

3. How many legs does an elephant have?  “2 in front, 5 in back, just like us.”, “almost 13”

4.  What is ice when it melts?  “if it’s a big ice, a viking comes out”, soup, ice cream, an ice person

5.  What makes daytime warmer than nighttime?  the weather, blankets, toad

6.  What do fish have that help them swim?  wings, fithers

7.  What vegetable is used to make french fries?  oreos, hamburgers, soup, fish, root beer, carrots, heat, yellow things, french fry package

8.  What season of the year usually has the coldest weather?  dolphins

9.  What month comes after June?  3rd grade

10.  What is a doctor?  smart

11. What is a season?  when you die, where elephants eat, on your noodles, makes you sneeze

2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Logic

  1. Rindy Walton says:

    Oh yes, the kindergarten screening answers…kids come up with the best responses! One more to add to your list…

    My middle son had a significant hearing loss that we were dealing with all through his preschool years (thankfully all ok now!). When he went for K testing, I told each person he couldn’t hear well and all were great…except one. She just could not ‘get it’ that he couldn’t hear. I kept a straight face with his responses until she asked him what a ‘lamp’ does….simple question, but he couldn’t hear so he thought she said ‘lamb’. So his response was a perfect sounding ‘baa, baa, baa’. The look on her face was the best (the scary part was I still had to explain it to her! And she was the psychologist!). He passed, did great in school & we still laugh about it all!

  2. Ruth says:

    Oh my, I will have to try these questions on my 4 year old grandson. Hope he knows the correct answers! I sure got a good laugh from these though.

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