Last Minute Surprise Vacation

We decided completely last minute this past weekend to head down to Tennessee for a few days.  With all the summer craziness of camps, day camps, mission trips, mixed in with the girls’ sleepovers, play dates, etc., we decided to hit the road for some family time.

Besides eating and the place we are staying, everything we have done so far has been free.

Free isn’t always easy. Especially when there is elevation involved for us flat-landers.  I’m proud of our girls for pushing through on a few sort-of difficult hikes. It’s fun for us as parents to watch them when they see the “reward” we’ve been talking about the whole way–a view, a waterfall, etc.

For a job well done, and with little complaining, they earned “anything they want at all” from Ben & Jerry’s.  This was not free, or cheap.

But it was good.

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