Let Them Eat Candy

Halloween 2008 016

This picture pretty well sums up what it’s like to live with 3 girls…only usually they don’t have swords.

   Halloween 2008 022

Whitney got her new cast on yesterday and picked pink so it would match her pink poodle skirt.

Halloween 2008 013 

Belle has had her “arg, maity!” down for weeks. 

Halloween 2008 020

FYI…Last year Maddie was a Strawberry Girl.  This year her and her Dad went shopping and came home with this lovely costume. 

2 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Candy

  1. Maddie Helman says:

    i love your kids 🙂 they are the best

  2. Sherry Ingle says:

    Love Maddie’s costume…it is so Rob! Hilarious!

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