Letter to the Grocer

My dear grocery check out girl or boy…I really appreciate your friendliness, really I do.  But, when you grill me on why I am buying my desert and cleaning products and in which order I will consume them, it makes me uncomfortable.  If I wanted to tell you why I chose the toilet paper that was not on sale, I would gladly tell you.  Things like desert, windex and toilet paper are not matters I would like to discuss with a stranger.  Being that you have such a loud, friendly voice, the entire aisle 5 and 7 can hear what you are saying.  I really don't care to have my private life disclosed in such a manner.

thank you

a happily stealth shopper

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Grocer

  1. mandy says:

    Last week I bought Preparation H & Castor Oil…the lady looked at me like I had SERIOUS bowel problems.
    I decided NOT to explain that they were for my face.

  2. Jeanna Miller says:

    OH my. That would definitely not fly with me either.

  3. Lisa says:

    from a shopping trip to walmart recently:
    Dear WalMart cashier:
    I am so glad you are a protector of the environment. Your choices to go green are an inspiration to us all. I have chosen to use the good ole regular lightbulb that I will have to replace in two months because my husband hates flourescent lights and has preferences because the visual asthetics of our house are very important to him, as I explained to you and the line of eight people behind me. I appreciate that this angers you, as you are so green, but I respect your decision and I would appreciate you respecting mine. Yes, I can see you rolling your eyes at me and can also hear you declaring that people like me are what’s wrong with the world. Yes, I believe the cheaper lightbulbs fit my budget better even though you think I should pay more for the sake of earth. Please next time just let me get through the express line without holding up lots of people and keep your guilt to a seething glare.

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