Letting Go-A Lesson My Parents Taught Me

As Rob was teaching this past weekend about How To Wreck Your Life this weekend, (watch the service here…it was amazing)  I had this flashback to a conversation I had with my parents when I was in college.  I wanted to go to Uganda on a mission trip.  My Mom said yes pretty much right away.  She’d been to Kenya when she was my age, and it was an experience that marked her forever.  My brother had been to Zambia the year before, and I knew I wanted to do something similar before I got married (I was engaged to Rob at the time).

I remember talking to my dad about it.  I felt very strongly that God was calling me to go.  His first response:  “No way.  You’ll get yellow fever.  You’ll get malaria.”   My parents love God.  They are strong Christians, and my Dad secretly knew he’d eventually say yes, but had to pose his argument first.

Fast forward a few months to the only phone call I made from Uganda.  It went something like this:

Me: Dad!  It’s me!

Dad: (choked up) Hey!  How’s it going?

Me: Um….I got malaria.

Dad: ….

Me: But I’m doing better!

Dad: …..grumble….

That phone call was my Dad’s nightmare come true.  I was sick and a million miles from home.  He couldn’t do anything about it. Now that I am a parent, I know how hard it was for my mom and dad to let me go on crazy adventures around the world. I am so thankful for their ability to trust God with me, shaping my future, and helping me to learn to be a good parent by their example. It will be hard, very hard for me to let my kids go on the same kinds of adventures I went on (and still go on…my poor dad).

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It’s my Mom and Dad’s 41st wedding anniversary today!  They are amazing people, and I thank God for them all the time.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  Thank you for trusting God with me on all my crazy adventures around the world.

3 thoughts on “Letting Go-A Lesson My Parents Taught Me

  1. I love the “had to pose his argument first.” I think that’s me.

    Very nice post for your parents. Congratulations to them and your entire family!

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents! 41 years is AWESOME 🙂

  3. susie says:

    Lovely parents! Such a nice tribute to your parents on their special day.

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