Life From Death

Rachel's flower

photo by: Rachel Ort Leazenby

We planted our garden a few weeks ago.  Here in the mid-west, you’re not “supposed” to plant until after Mother’s Day.  I couldn’t help it.  I could not wait.  The day was beautiful, the whole family was into it…it was great fun.  We pulled weeds, dug in the dirt, and planted all day long.  At one point, the girls along with some neighbor girls decided to see just how many worms they could gather up.  They walked over to me with a giant fist full of 100 worms.  Each counted and some named.  I told you it was great fun.

We carried on until the clouds rolled in and it started sprinkling, watering our freshly planted flowers.  I felt God was smiling on us, his final approval buckets of rain to finish the day.

I didn’t get to a whole flat of flowers.  I laid them on the side of the house until the next day, but forgot about them for a couple of weeks.  Rob was so kind this past weekend and endured the pain of the new Hannah Montana movie for the both of us while I stayed home for a bit of rare quiet.

I watered all our previously planted flowers, made the rounds to the side of the house only to see my poor forgotten flowers.  Dead.  Wilted.  Sad.

I’ve got this stubborn streak in me.  It tells me to do things that other people tell me I shouldn’t.  Like “Never plant before Mother’s Day,” and “Never plant dead flowers.” 

Well, I can’t honestly say I’ve ever heard anyone tell me not to plant dead flowers, but I’m even stubborn when it comes to my own common sense.

I planted them.  Then something odd happened.  I sensed the presence of God.  I felt Him whispering in my ear, “I bring life from death” over and over again.  With every shovel full of dirt and wilted plant in the ground, “Life from death, life from death, life from death.”  It became sort of a mantra, a dare from God to me to believe the unbelievable.  A dare from Him to me to pray His words.

And so I did.  “God, bring life from death.”

I left my dead flowers in the ground after I watered them, smiled and walked away.

That night, Rob and I learned of the tragic suicide attempt of a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit that we happen to know quite well.

And you know what was the first thought that popped in my head, standing there in the middle of the night, the vision of her amazing smile burned in my mind?  “Life from death.” 

The clouds have hung low all week long.  I snuck a peak out my rainy window to check on my dead flowers.  They’re alive.

You can only imagine the hope I have for this girl. 

God is stubborn too.  He sees hope where there is only despair.  He brings peace to chaos.

  Life from death.

5 thoughts on “Life From Death

  1. heather says:

    i have hope for this beautiful girl too… i have story similar to this… God redeemed it, me… brought me from “death” to life… praying for her.

  2. Don Reynolds says:

    This is the kind of moment on someone’s blog that I wish the entire world would read.

  3. Amy Storms says:

    Beautiful! Thanks, Michelle!

  4. Gene Ort says:

    Life from Death… I am counting on it… He is faithful…

  5. Charity says:

    Very cool… I love it when God shows up like that… in simple ways…

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