Lost At Sea In Pigeon Forge

Yesterday was the first day of our vacation, and we were all completely exhausted.  We picked up Maddie from camp Saturday, and she has been in a camp induced walking coma ever since.  I am in a post-packing/travelling/staying up the entire night because of the crazy partying people in the hotel room next to us induced walking around coma.  Everyone else is just generally tired.


We decided to take a tour of the Titanic while we were wandering around Pigeon Forge.  Where else would there be an unsinkable ship other than the middle of land-locked Tennessee?  It really was a remarkable exhibit.  There were real artifacts from the ship, as well as stories of various passengers along the tour.  When we “boarded” the ship, we were each given a boarding card with an identity and description of who we were on the card.  Each of us was an actual passenger on the Titanic. 

My favorite part of the tour was a gigantic room with a dark sky and a gigantic iceberg that we could actually touch.  It was very real looking and feeling.  We were standing on the “deck” of the ship, and could also put our hands over the edge into 28 degree water.  We each took a turn, and the longest any of us could stand it was 10 seconds.  I was a chicken, and only lasted 5 seconds, but my hand actually felt like it was on fire after that 5 seconds.  It was crazy!  I know the Titanic sunk a long time ago, but it truly broke my heart for those people…reading their actual excited letters from the ship, seeing their teddy bears, then feeling that cold, cold water.  What a tragedy.

One of the stories that touched me the deepest, that I had not heard before was of The man who started Macy’s department store.  He was travelling with his wife and their maid when the ship went down.  The man secured a position for his wife on a life boat, but she quickly gave her fur coat to their maid, and got her on the life boat.  Once she did, the last people that saw the husband and wife witnessed them holding hands while sitting on chairs on the deck.  I was touched by the sacrifice of the wife, and her devotion to her husband.  Not only did she secure the position on the lifeboat for her maid, she gave her the fur coat.


I hope I can live my life like that lady.  Willing to give up the place I deserve for the one who does not.  Giving honor to those who have none.  Endowing the worth God has given me to those who have never known worth…saving their lives in the process.

All this on a sunken ship in the middle of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Go figure.

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  1. Erica Barker says:

    That is a very touching perspective. That is something we as believers need to reflect on.
    It’s funny I saw the same exibit in Orlando, Fl several years ago.

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