Maddie Wegner, Published Author!

Potatoe_creek_march_07_073_2   Maddie has an amazing teacher at school.  She is always pushing the children to do thier best work.  One of the things she encouraged them to do last year was to submit their poetry to a few different books for publication.  Maddie got accepted into two different books!  One of the poems goes like this:

My baby sister is a Barbie fan

she puts them in a frying pan.

The other that got published in the Young Poets book goes like this:

Mitch Monkey

made Mike mad

when reading a magazine

in the moonlight

at midnight

while waiting for the mail.

We’re very proud of Maddie.  She is a very hard working student, and is showing some serious talent in the area of writing.  A girl after my own heart!

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