Maddie’s India Poem

Maddie had an assignment yesterday where she had to write a poem about a new place she visited and how she felt.  We worked on it last night, and she said I could share with you this first draft about visiting India for the first time when she was eight.  She told me to emphasize that it was a first draft…so here you go-

Me, Maddie, Prema

Spice and Curry

Sounds. Strange voices. Sounds.  Different languages.

Fresh air rushes to me.  It carries with it a strong scent of spice and curry.


A long hallway greets my parents and I.

I cling to my leather bound passport, hoping it will be faithful to me.

The airplane ride was treacherous.

My eyes seem to drag to the dirt collected floor.


My hair tickles my face.

The scent of spice and curry overwhelms me.

As we walk, there is a woman figure.

Tall. Beautiful.  A goddess statue. Altar to the side.

I can almost taste the spice and curry in my mouth.


The heaviness of the air hits

The heat of the air scorches.

I try to shed my sweatshirt unsuccessfully,

because of the rush.

My pink hat tops my 8 year old head.

Curry and spice flood my senses.


The shocked stares of hundreds

make me sweat more.

This is my final destination.

My second home.


5 thoughts on “Maddie’s India Poem

  1. Amazing. She has her mama’s gift for poetry.

  2. Ruth says:

    This is very good! Please let Maddie know this. She will become a writer just like her mom!

  3. Sunny says:


  4. Janis Ooms Spencer says:


    Tell Maddie that her poem is great – a wonderful “first draft”. If a first draft is this good – I can only imagine what a second,third or fourth draft might be!!! What a good writer she is – definitely a talent that should be encouraged. You must be so proud of her – writing is definitely a talent that runs in the family!!!

  5. Maddie,

    This…is…WONDERFUL as is!

    So much of your remembrance at 8 resembles my experience much older than you! What you’ve captured is how all our senses are affected in India. It IS different than our country, in some ways expected, in others not at all.

    I’m so thankful your mom shared this link :). It helps ME remember much.

    Well done!

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