Maddie’s Fabulous Fashionista Party

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Can you tell Maddie Maddie's Fashion Party 026had an amazing party?  Her friends are great.  They have lots of energy, but they really are great kids.  Maddie wanted a fashion party, so who else could we call to help other than Kathy Friend?  She is a fashion/wardrobe consultant, and my girls idolize her (in a good way) for her expertise in fashion, but most of all because of her kindness to them. 

Kathy talked to the girls about the importance of looking and smelling nice.  She talked about the fact that whether you like it or not, people will treat you differently based on the way you look or don't look.  She challenged them to think about fashion in a way that is modest, yet snappy.  She had the girls go through piles of fashion magazines and cut out pictures that captured true beauty.  They cut out pictures that showed friendship, happiness, work ethics, and lots of other good stuff. 

The party was a huge success.  I am not sure who will do Belle's parties for her when she is 11, because by the end of the party Rob and I were completely wiped out.

This was really one of the most fun parties we have ever done for the girls.  Everyone felt included, learned something, and had lots of fun. 

What's the best party you've ever had or given for someone?

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