Manage Differently Now

Manage Differently Now Gary Hamel Change is happening at an exponential rate. The world is becoming more turbulent while we are becoming more resistant. It's not working. If we remain resistant, while the rest of the world is turbulently changing, we are a sinking ship. How do u defeat entrapy? It is a working organization until it is not. Dismiss Rationalize Mitigate Confront Until I change nothing else happens. *Cultivate an unflinching honesty. Treat every belief about how we do church as a hypothesis. Make sure you listen to the renegades and the dissidents Do we ignore those who disagree w/us. Nope. *Generate more strategic options. We clutch to the familiar because it's worked before What hasn't changed in 3 or 4 years? Why not? Because it's too easy not to change, or because it works? Think radical. Think different. Everything else is changing. Our methods can not stay the same Jesus and His Message never changes, but our methods need to What is the test of our commitment? What does o It take to see redemption happen? The mental models depreciate while the world is changing. They hold their ideals hostage and are resistant to change. The Gortex Strategy: Innovation all of the time. Fight beuracracy none of the time. I love this! The web is the most anti- beuratic place ever invented. The Facebook generation doesn't want to work for a fortune 500 company. They don't want yo go to a church that looks like it either. The early church was Communal, organic, spiritually powerful, while organizationally weak. This is what we need to be. Jesus is the hope for Humanity. We are His hope to reach them.

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