Talkin about the Ends of the Earth…

Mark Beeson is my hero.  He is up in front of 1500 pastors and leaders telling them all about the amazing work God is doing and India, and how the members of Granger Community Church get to be a part of it.  Here's the scoop:

We have been doing wok in Southern India for the past 7 years.   We love the Purpose Driven Conferences, but what we are doing with the pastors is giving them the "how to" application process of the PD model. 


In 7 years we have had 119, 419 core class members.  90,000 graduates.  80,000 have accepted Christ.  38,000 baptisms. 


Baptism in India means you are forsaking your caste, there by forsaking your pre-destined place in the caste system.  This is dangerous ground to walk on for those who are in the "Untouchable" caste.  Many of our own Pastors have endured much persecution because of their own faith, and for spreading the news that the untouchables can be free in Jesus.


This is personal to me.   These are not just numbers.  These are my friends that are living in poverty.  They are financially poor, but the richest souls I have ever met.  These friends have risked everything for the sake of knowing Jesus, and making him known.

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