Memorabilia Monday


How would we ever have guessed that all but one of the people in this photo would end up in the same town after college?  I am so very grateful for these friends and many years of ever changing hair.

4 thoughts on “Memorabilia Monday

  1. Deanna says:

    HA! Seeing this pic of Rob and Jason together is giving me flashbacks to my days of high school camp at Epworth…. you know, the days of “Victory”!

  2. betsey says:

    I downloaded the picture–I may haunt you with it. Seriously–great picture and a great memory for you.

  3. Jason Powell says:

    I recently came across that same picture too when looking through some old albums. It IS amazing we’re all in the same town NONE of us grew up in!
    God is so funny .. and it’s great to do life with you guys 🙂
    Deanna – someone that remembers “Victory”?! Awesome! 🙂

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