Memorabilia Monday

 Michelle and Michelle

Here we are, Michelle and Michelle on the first day of Kindergarten.  I am the one on the right, and I believe those are my little brother Joel’s feet above my head on the steps.

Michelle was a head taller than me, but we were the same age.  I have this vivid memory of her flying over the handlebars of her banana seat bike the day before this photo, thus the scrape on her chin.

Michelle and I lived 4 houses apart from each other from the time I was 4 until her family moved out when I was in college.  She was my best friend, worst enemy, strongest advocate, biggest encouragement, all of that wrapped up into one person.  We played Barbie’s endlessly (at her house mostly, because she had the highly coveted Barbie Town House).  We swam away every minute of our summers between her pool and mine.  She was a great friend.  I am so glad I have connected with her again on Facebook. 

Do you have friends like this?  Who have you re-connected with?  Isn’t the power of social media amazing?  I am a huge fan.

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