Mermaid Diva


Maddie had the amazing privilege of getting to perform in her school play, “The Little Mermaid”.  She was Orista, one of Ariel’s sisters.  We are so fortunate to be a part of a school that has a huge value on performing arts. 

My girls have grown leaps and bounds when it comes to developing a sense of self-confidence, (as you may note from the photos).  I am truly, truly thankful for Mr. West, the girls’ music teacher, and for their school for allowing them to do these amazing productions.  And did I mention the whole thing was done on Heelys?  If you’re not familiar, Heelys are like a gym shoe with roller skates on the bottom.  Maddie had never worn Heelys before.  Ever.  She had to learn in 10 days.  Again, I am so thankful as a Mom to see her pushed and prodded outside of her comfort zone.  It has truly made her a stronger girl in many ways.

  I was a little worried when she started demanding things like a manicure and pedicure and asked me to re-fix her hair for the 100th time…such is the life of a Mermaid Diva.

 DSC05425  DSC05427  DSC05430 DSC05447 DSC05452   DSC05507

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  1. Yay Maddie! Not many people can pull off the whole Mermaid Diva look…it is a very specific, very individual kind of look. ANd I have to say, Maddie did it flawlessly 🙂

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