#metoo part 2

img_7596I am Proud of Hollywood’s women for not being silent or listening to the voices of shame trying to silence the #metoo movement.

Being a woman myself, having three teenage girls, sexual harassment is something we have to discuss together on an almost daily basis. Not much makes me more sad as a mom than to have to help educate them and empower them not to be silent about unwanted behavior targeted toward them. I wish it just didn’t exist.

I mentioned in a previous post that churches and religious organizations are not exempt from sexual harassment. Being a part of various churches my entire 44 years of life, I’ve seen men harass women, women harass men, young people, older people…the demographics simply don’t matter. Sexual harassment is in every nook and cranny of our current society. Schools, work places, sidewalks, malls, grocery stores, malls, online….it is simply everywhere.

Some are shocked at hearing this, accusing women who have spoken up as causing drama, wanting attention, etc. Some are just simply not aware. This is why we have to tell our stories.

I am proud of the men in my life who have treated women with respect and dignity—for those men who have been that example of what a true gentleman is.

I am proud of the women in my life for speaking up for each other—For speaking their stories so others know it has to stop.

I want my girls to live in a world where they feel safe, not degraded, celebrated, not catcalled, where they are treated as fine china, not a paper plate.

Keep speaking up, telling your stories. Make this world a better place for yourself, and for #metoo.

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