Mild Mannered?

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Yesterday, I was on the fringes of a conversation, and I over-heard someone say, "You know…the mild-mannered, stay at home mom type."  Screech!  I couldn’t believe my ears.  What on Earth would that mean?  What does that statement imply?  Moms that stay at home are mild-mannered, and those that don’t stay home are not?

What does mild-mannered mean?  Am I mild mannered?  Is it because I stay at home?

Is there a "type" of mom that stays home?  I stay at home and I am not mild mannered, at least not on the inside. 

Funny how that hit me.  I know the person that said it meant no harm whatsoever by the statement.  I just can’t help but wonder…

2 thoughts on “Mild Mannered?

  1. Julie Smies says:

    I had to laugh out loud at the description of a “mild-mannered” stay at home mom. If there’s any job in the world that is fraught with more passion and drama than the mom (or dad) who stays at home to raise their kids I don’t know what it is.

  2. Ron says:

    For me, the most critical two words this person said was not “mild-mannered” but “You know,”. When people say “you know” at the end of a sentence they are just killing time to get their thoughts in order, like saying um… But when someone starts a sentence with “You know” they are trying to give themselves a license to then declare a unexamined stereotype they hold. It is a power play to say something that makes the speaker feel superior while putting the listener on the defensive. The listener is expect to agree unwaveringly and if the listener questions anything they will just be proving that “They DON’T Know”.
    So, I would ignore and give no credibility to anything that came after the “You Know”. Some people just love to hear themselves talk… you know!

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