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Any parent who has ever had a child with any thing other than normal health knows what it is like to have a doctor list possibilities of what could be wrong         with your child.  I know they share these things because they know you are smart and won’t respond emotionally, but sometimes that is hard.  Isabelle’s symptoms are gross motor/fine motor delay.  Her ankles and hips keep falling out of joint causing her a lot of pain.  She can not walk for long because of muscle weakness.  Dr. Hsieh said today that her symptoms could be pointing to :

  • a muscular/tissue disease
  • a rheumatic condition
  • chronic hip dysplasia  
  • or some mystery illness no one knows about yet.

We could:

  • Take a hip x-ray for now to check for chronic hip dysplasia (this is my gut feeling of what she has)
  • poke her and get all kinds of blood work done for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • Do extensive genetic testing
  • Do nothing and see what happens in the next year.

We chose the hip x-ray for now.  It seemed the least invasive and simplest test for right now.  Belle doesn’t remember the extensive testing the first 2 years of her life, thank goodness.  We learned a lot from all that testing…mostly just to chill out and wait to see how she continues to develop.

What worried me this time is how Dr. Hsieh said, “She definitely has something.  Something is not right here.”  We’ve known that all along with Belle, but it is hard to hear again, esp. when outwardly she appears fine to everyone else.

Pray for my baby.  I’m a little worried about her.

Disclaimer: Please don’t anoint her with holy water as she passes by you at church.  Don’t send me mystery medical miracles in a bottle.  Don’t tell me to have more faith or believe God for a miracle.  I’ve heard all that already.  I’m just asking for a little prayer for my baby.  Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Miss Isabelle

  1. Rindy Walton says:

    You’ve got the prayers!

  2. Judy Gregory says:

    I will definitely be praying for your baby girl. The pics are beautiful.

  3. Jeff Bell says:

    Michelle you can count on prayers from us for Belle. As well as you and Rob…parenting through these things can be so tough. You guys are off the charts as parents – I’m thankful that Jesus gave Belle to such amazing people. 🙂 Let us know if we can help.

  4. Renee Stroud says:

    Prayers coming your way for Belle and the whole family.

  5. Praying for Belle, for her doctors, and for you and Rob. You guys are great parents and it’s obvious you love your daughters well and want the best for them.

  6. Mike Chaisson says:

    Would love to

  7. Ruth says:

    Will be praying for Belle and her awesome parents!

  8. pam says:

    Found you through my husband’s regular reading of your husband’s blog.
    I like you. Prayers going up before I head to bed on behalf of sweet Belle. Thanks for letting us know so we can be praying.

  9. Jenny says:

    we love little Belle, yes we will be praying!

  10. Amber says:

    Our prayers are with you.
    The Bowers’ family

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