Modern Day Prophet

Rob and I went to see U2/3D last night with some friends.  It was amazing, and so much better than the actual concert.  I could see everything, hear everything.  Bono was singing right to me.  When we saw the actual Vertigo concert at the United Center in Chicago, we sat in the top balcony second row from the back.    Oddly enough, it didn’t matter one bit to me at the time; however, seeing Bono up close and personal put a whole new dimension to the show.

When I hear Bono sing, I feel the presence of God more than I do in church.  When I hear him speak of freedom and equality, I hear the powerful voice of the Holy Spirit.  When I see his bandanna with all the symbols for all the religions, I think of Jeremiah the prophet.  When he was singing “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”, the camera zoomed in, the sound went very quiet, he reached out his hand and kept singing “wipe your tears away”.  I thought of Jesus.  My heart was deeply moved.

Who is this man?  Just a man, I know.  But, a man whom God has chosen to cross the lines that church people can not cross.  Who else in the entire world could get 50,000  people not in a church service or setting to sing, “Yahweh, Yahweh!” like they feel it in their toes?  Rob Wegner?  Maybe, but only if he did his Rocky Balboa impersonation first.    Mark Beeson?  Maybe.  Bono?  You bet.  He’s God’s man for such a time as this.  I am amazed to see what he is allowing God to do in him and through him.

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  1. Amber Cox says:

    I want to go see this! I love Bono!

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