Monster Proofing

Monster Spray 013

We've had some Monster problems lately, especially in closets.  We made some Monster spray.  I am hoping it will work because I am tired of those Monsters keeping me up all  night.  Every night Belle comes in my room and says, "They said they were going to get me THIS NIGHT!  I need to sleep with you !"

Monster Spray 006 So, tell me.  What would you do about the monster problem?

a.Call a priest and do an exorcism

b. Tell the 4 year old to toughen up and deal with it

c. Let your 4 year old sleep with you every single night for the rest of her life like she wants to

d. Make Monster Spray and hope/pray it works.

5 thoughts on “Monster Proofing

  1. Lisa says:

    Monster spray!!!! Perfect! This summer we had a wasp issue and just the fear of being near where they might be caused me to invent special “wasp spray” to help the kids get over their fear and also moisturized nicely (skin so soft).

  2. Monster spray remindes me of reindeer food! WHen I was little, I had a monster issue too. So, the cat started sleeping in my room…because you know that an animal would get the monster if there was one…animals always protect thier people – it worked!

  3. Monster Spray is brilliant! I think I may borrow the idea since my 4 year old is afraid house elves are coming to get her in her sleep.

  4. Amy says:

    We made monster spray too! We actually gave it to my son and he would spray the heck out of anything that he thought was a monster. It only lasted a week or so, but the spray remains by his bed just in case.
    I hope everything goes good with your appointment today- thinking of you guys!!

  5. Kathleen says:

    When I was a kid there were monkeys under my bed. My parents came into my room, pretended they could see the monkeys, opened my bedroom window, shooed them out of the window, and threatened them with bodily harm if they ever came back. They never did. I wonder how many sleepless nights they endured before they decided to chase those evil monkeys away…

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