Mountains Bow Down-Book Review

Mountains Bow Down

Mountains to escape; Nightmares to overcome; a Friendship forged.

The SEALs must conquer the challenges of plans gone wrong as they work to get Christi, a hostage they’ve been sent to rescue, out of the mountains.

Once back home Christi develops a friendship with the team of men who rescued her. With their support, can she make the mountainous memories bow down and give her peace?

Janell Martin attends our church and gave me the chance to read this awesome book she has written.  It’s a story of strength and survival, hope and peace.  Mountains Bow Down challenged me to think of my own life and the challenges I face, and how accepting the circumstances of my own life and building up my own strength is a huge task-yet worth it because of the strength that is gained in the end.

I was so impressed with this book, self-published by Janell.  It made me wonder how many stories are wandering around in the back of our heads that we just haven’t had the time or will to write down?

The book can be purchased here:  ($23.95, autographed)

Also available at ($24.95)


If you live locally, Janell will be at a book signing at Chick-fil-A on Main Street in Granger on December 8th (5-7PM) as part of CFA’s 12 Days of Christmas. It can be purchased there for $20 and get it signed. (Elizabeth, her daughter will also be there with her two novels!)

Check out this advice from Janell on self-publishing your own book:

Do you have a novel or biography rattling around in your brain, but you don’t know how to go about getting it published? Consider self-publishing that masterpiece! Self-publishing is so much easier than it used to be. Gone are the days when you must buy a truckload of books and store them in a spare room, hoping you’ll sell enough just to cover the cost of printing. You can order just the number you want, even if it’s just one.

Step One: Write your first draft. Set a goal that will complete your first draft in a month or two. I would suggest 1600-2000 words a day. Many writers take the month of November to do this (see Remember: a first draft is for writing, not editing. Spelling and grammar don’t count. Can’t find just the right phrase? That’s okay, just get the basic idea down.

Step Two: Polish your first draft. Here’s where the real work comes in. This is where you pull out the Thesaurus searching for just the right word, check your grammar and punctuation. Now is where you’ll cut, rearrange, rewrite, and polish.

Step Three: Have someone edit your book. They should be looking at the mechanics as well as the flow of the story (anything that doesn’t make sense). You can hire another writer to edit or if you have a friend who was an English major (or just good at grammar and punctuation) have them go over it. Be sure to give them a free copy of the book when it’s done! Even if you’re good at the mechanics yourself, a fresh set of eyes is always helpful.

Step Four: Find a print-on-demand publisher and prepare your manuscript. I used Set up an account then go to “My Lulu”. Click “Start a new project” and it will take you through the steps. You can decide if you want to keep it private so that only you and those you want can buy it or have it available to the public. You can also get an ISBN so it can be sold on Amazon and other book selling sites.

Step Five: Market your book. Tell all your friends. Set up a facebook page for your book or you as an author. Check with bookstores, libraries and other places of business that you frequent to see if they would host a book signing for you.

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  1. Angela Smith says:

    I really enjoyed this book, I won a raffle drawling at chicka- fla and got this book, so good i could not put it down until I was done reading it. I was wondering if you have written more books, to be able to purchase from you or a nearby bookstore.

    Thanks Angela

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