My Baby is Going To Camp Adventure

 Camp Adventure 058

This picture of Maddie was taken in 2002 at Camp Adventure–I think Mark Beeson took it. My girls have gone to camp with us every year of their little lives except for this year and last year, since we made the trek to India instead.  I can not tell you how bizarre it is for me and Rob to send Maddie off to camp on her own next week.  I could not be more excited for her, but in my mind, Maddie is this sweet little 4 year old girl.


This is when I get all weepy and say stuff like, “My  Baby is growing up.”  She does not even WANT us to go to camp and direct this year.  She loves her Mom and Dad, but needs her own space…


I’m proud of Maddie.  She is a beautiful young woman inside and out.  I am so glad she gets to go to camp next week.  Pray she has a great week, and pray for her Mommy that I don’t cry while dropping her off and leaving her there for a whole week!

One thought on “My Baby is Going To Camp Adventure

  1. Mark Beeson says:

    Your girls are soooooo awesome! I joined you many years ago – praying with you that God would bless each of your precious babies all the days of their lives. God is already answering my prayers. They’ve got a great mom. They’ve got a great dad. They’ve got a great Jesus and Maddie is going to have a great week at camp. Wahoo! I can’t wait to hear stories about her adventures at “Adventure.” 🙂

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