You Asked….

Here are my answers to your wonderful questions!

Susan:  Do you think you will always live in IN?

This is a loaded question!  Susan also added that she used to attend GCC and wants Rob and I to move to Tennessee to start a church there.  Although Rob and I love Tennessee, I don't think we will move there, or anywhere else any time soon.  We are confident we are in the middle of where God wants us to be here in Indiana.  And as we always say, "Wherever you travel from here, it's always better!"  So, everywhere else we go in the world is wonderfully exciting compared to Indiana.  Why would we want to ruin that sense of wonder?  🙂

Mandy: What is your kids' favorite meal that you cook for them?

Without a doubt, pancakes with scrambled eggs.  All three girls would give the same answer. 

  Renee:  What is your biggest struggle on a daily basis?

Dealing  with rheumatoid arthritis compounded with a relatively bad back problem make it really difficult to keep a smile on my face for my family.  Aside from staying positive, it's just really hard to work up the energy to do laundry, clean the bathrooms, make beds, fold socks, do dishes, brush and fix hair for 3 girls, make dinner, play Polly Pockets, Do 4th grade math, listen to endless jokes, and brush Belle's teeth.  It is exhausting enough without dealing with the arthritis and back thing.  I've been learning a lot about trusting in God for strength and endurance when I just don't have it.

Jessie:   if you could visit anywhere in the world with your family, where would that be?

With my family?  Hmmm…First of all, it would have to involve easy travel.  Lets pretend we have our own jet to transport us.  Then, I would say I would want to take them on the same safari on the Nile river I took when I spent a summer in Uganda.  It is something I have told the girls about over and over again.  I wish they could just see it for themselves.

Rick:  what's the funniest/funnest thing Rob has ever done for you?

One of the things I loved about Rob when we first met, (I was 12, he was 15) was how he made me laugh.  I laughed so much when I was with him, that it made me always want to be with him. I'd have to say he still can make me laugh like no one else can. 

Probably the one of the most elaborate things Rob has done to make me laugh is when he had his college friends reenact a dream I had down to the minute details.  They all had scripts and props and if I remember right, Rob was there directing them.  At first I had no idea what was going on, but then I started piecing it together.  It was both weird and funny.

My life with Rob since then is kind of like a never ending comic strip.  We have a lot of fun together.  There is always something funny going on in our house, whether it be intentional or not.

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