Culturally Relevant

Worship is all about connecting with God.  It's about creating a space for people to anticipate the power and presence of God.  songs of praiseIn this session, we also learned the importance of cultural relevance. Finding a style of worship that reaches the audience where they are.  Tommy Kyllonen from Crossover Community Church in Florida shared about using a live DJ, turntables, and hip-hop music in their worship service. 

I don't think these ladies on the left would care for the hip-hop church.   This photo made me giggle.  I had to share.  I apologize if this is a photo of your Mom or Grandma.

One thought on “Culturally Relevant

  1. Kathleen says:

    Every Sunday I work for an elderly woman, and I go to church with her. Since she lives in a nursing home, I go to “old people’s church.” No standing, no clapping, and music with an organ and sometimes an accordian. We sing every verse of the loooong, slow hymns. In fact, the congregation looks exactly like your picture!

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