My Fried Egg Brain

My brain is tired.  I have not felt this way since my sophomore year in Algebra.  That was the second semester of Algebra one over again.  Didn’t get it the first time, failed, got a "c" the second time.  My brain hurt then.  I took Geometry my Junior year and aced it.   I never took a math class in college.  I never finished college.  Math hurts my brain too much.  I took this test today and realized I am extremely right brained. 

I have had Adobe Photoshop 5.0 sitting on my shelf for a year.  I have played around with it a few times, but quickly realized I would need to read the manual before I used it.  I hate manuals.  I hate numbers and order and details.  I have friends who bring order and discipline with them wherever they go…it’s like things just fall into place when they walk in the room, and I DON’T GET IT!

I read the entire manual today.  My brain is fried.  Seriously.

One thought on “My Fried Egg Brain

  1. Don says:

    Girl… I FEEL YOUR PAIN! LOL! Hang in there.

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