My Friend Judy

Judy_g I have known Judy Gregory for 15 years.  It’s not too often in Ministry that anyone stays in one place for that long, but Judy was around Granger Community Church from day one when we got there.  I have gotten to know Judy very well, as  worked for her for a while at Ivy Tech College bookstore, and then she worked for Rob for 10 years or so doing Middle School Ministry. 

Judy and I have travelled a lot together, been in all different cultures, situations, stressful, dirty, terrrible, wonderful, elating…you name it, and we’ve been there done that.  When you see a person in all these different life situations, you start to see the "whole person."

I’m convinced Judy is the real deal.  The one thing that sets Judy apart from the crowd is her character.  In every situation I have been in with her, I have seen Judy’s character rise to the top. Of course we were sad when Judy decided to move to Atlanta, but at the same time, we couldn’t be happier for her.  She’s following Jesus, persuing her dreams, working for her life-mentor, Jeanne Mayo…who could pass up such an opportunity?

Judy got a terrible phone call last week.  Her dad died.  Not only did he die, but he took his own life.  Judy spoke and gave a very powerful message at her own dad’s funeral.  You can read her message here.

Today Judy posted about a few dumb things people said to her at her Dad’s funeral.  You can read about What not to say at a funeral.  Judy loved her Dad.  She loves her family.  The photo of her above is of her and her niece Sarah.  This loss has been devistating to Judy and her family.

I am so proud to be Judy’s friend all these years.  I am so proud of her, and how even in the most devistating of life’s circumstances, she again has risen to the top in the demonstration of her character, her devotion to her family, and her love for Jesus.  We love you Judy!

2 thoughts on “My Friend Judy

  1. Gene Ort says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I have always enjoyed watching the way women care for each other. Men should do so well… It’s easy to see the way you love Judy and feel for her and her family.
    I enjoyed reading about you and the girls while Rob was off globe trotting for God. You have a great family!
    Gene Ort

  2. Sherri Stewart says:

    What an awesome tribute to my sister! Thank you for saying “Well done” to her. If I could go back I would of said that to her that day she made my father so proud. I know that your family has played a part of who Judy is today. I thank you for that. I know that Rob called Judy and she missed his call from India. The words he left for her made her get through the hard days after, please let him know I am grateful.
    Sherri Stewart

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