My Indian Friends

Nimii_visit_001 This is me in a village about an hour’s train ride from Madras in Chennai, India.  Directly to my left is a woman named Nemmi.  When I met her, her and her husband were planting churches in Chennai.  She gave me the grand tour of all the villages her and her husband were trying to reach for Jesus.  The two days I spent with  my friend Nemmi marked me forever.  She rises every morning at 4am to pray.  She covers her head out of respect for God.  When she and the sisters in Christ I met prayed, I literally felt the presence of God around me so close, I couldn’t lift my head because I was afraid I would see God standing there.  Every Christian Nemmi took me to visit had a miraculous story of their conversion.  One woman had been labeled the "village Idiot."  Her family and neighbors thought she was mentally ill…until she met Jesus.  She went from running around naked and half crazed in the village, to a quiet, beautiful, reflective follower of Christ.  Many who knew her gave their livest to Christ because of the transformation they saw His Spirit make in her.  Another friend told me that she was stricken with leprosy.  She was so ill she went in her family’s idol room to pray.  She gave all her money to witch doctors to help find a cure for her.  She was distraught at losing everything to them, and all the needless sacrifices to countless gods and goddesses.  She fell asleep in the family prayer room, and when she woke up, there was a shadow of a cross on her wall.  She knew she needed to find someone to show her what this meant.  She went to Nemmi, the only Christian she knew, and Nemmi lead her to the Cross, to knowing Jesus.  Jesus healed my friend of Leprosy.  She is now a fully devoted follower of Christ, leading many to Himself.

Every home I went into had a story to share, as well as an Orange Crush 

I think my stomach had a hole burned into it from all the pop the villagers kept giving me over those two days.  I am eternally greatful to Jesus for allowing me to go to that place to meet these amazing people.

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