My Last Preschool Apple Orchard Field Trip

Isabelle is our baby, so this was officially the last Apple Orchard field trip for me.  I normally don't enjoy field trips that much, but this one was special.  We got some great photos.  I love the contrast of the colors. 

Belle's Apple Orchard 011   Belle's Apple Orchard 014Belle's Apple Orchard 013 Belle's Apple Orchard 022 Belle's Apple Orchard 003

2 thoughts on “My Last Preschool Apple Orchard Field Trip

  1. If you become a preschool teacher (like me!) it will never have to be your last…I mean NEVER! 🙂

  2. amy W says:

    ahhh…you went to see mrs apple and mrs peach….that is right by my house! :o)

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