Thirty Eight Years.

Lanting_family My parents have been married for 38 years today!  They are amazing and wonderful, and I wouldn’t rather have any parents in the world.  I am so happy for them as they celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary today. 

I’m 34 years old.  To think that they have been together 4 years longer than I have been alive is mind boggling to me.  That they had 4 kids in like 6 years is crazy!  That means they had 4 teenagers in the house all at once!  Our house was such a fun place growing up.  It was the hang out house, the place my friends wanted to be.

My parents love eachother and love Jesus.  They taught us to love eachother and love Jesus.  I am so thankful for them.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

2 thoughts on “Thirty Eight Years.

  1. Seven says:

    Congratulations, Michelle’s Mom & Dad … 38 years is quite an accomplishment, not to mention Michelle. She’s pretty spectacular, too. And, then, there are those 3 little girls…good stuff.

  2. Papa says:

    Thank you Michelle.
    (Big Secret)
    Your papa loves you all very much.
    I am blessed abunduntly.

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