My Mom

 I realize I am breaking my vow of weekend silence, but hey, it’s for my Mom!

Lanting Family


Thanks for sticking it out

with me


for me

when I was a 7 year old laying in the hospital for 10 days,

the events completely altering your lifestyle for years

you smiled

when I was a sassy 13 year old trying to go in the wrong direction

and finding my wings

you prayed.

prayed that I would not have fun in my wayward ways,

and I didn’t

When I was 16 and in love, you approved.  I was happy.

Then at 18  you let me go to travel the world

giving me a vision and hope for my future,

Almost 20,  you stood by me at my wedding…

AND ever since, you have


sang to,


 laughed at,

prayed for,

hugged and kissed

11 1/2 Grandchildren.

You’re a Great Mom, a wonderful Grandma, and I love you!

2 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Charity says:

    I have to ask… 11 and 1/2 grandchildren… where does the 1/2 come in?!?

  2. Charity-My sister in law is expecting. 🙂

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