The Muddle

No, this photo is not of the lake here at camp. It is a lovely photo of what I see when I open my cabin door.   Belle affectionately refers to it as “the Muddle.”  We seriously cannot leave our cabin right now without wading through a foot of water. I had the funniest thought this morning when I was waiting in line with 6 middle schoolers for a shower.
I thought to myself, “I have eaten lunch with a former President and first lady. I have been to the Taj Mahal. All of that is pretty cool, but serving Jesus at Camp Adventure tops them all. The rewards for this kind of service are eternal. I can handle a mud puddle…for now at least!

Michelle WegnerPIC-0346.jpg

One thought on “The Muddle

  1. Debbie Mann says:

    You need someone to build you a small bridge! Hope you are having fun!
    Debbie Mann

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