Not A Vacation

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The girls and I had the opportunity to talk to Belle’s pre-k class last Tuesday morning about our trip to India.  We brought Rob’s iPad to show some photos, showed the kids a video, and told them basic things about India that we thought they would find interesting. 

When she was talking about the weather, Whitney said, “Imagine the weather today (55 degrees).  Imagine double that, and that’s how hot it is in India”

Belle said, “Everywhere we went, people squeezed my cheeks”, and “I had to go to the hos-ti-pal because I had a very bad ear infection”.

Maddie shared a story about a woman coming to our vehicle and begging for money.  She remembered Rajendran giving the woman a banana, and the woman being so grateful.

It was so good for me to hear their stories from a new perspective.  They didn’t shy away from telling how hard it was, but also deeply touching to hear them share stories that are shaping them.  Whitney talked about holding baby Rachel, only days old, the smallest baby either of us had ever seen with a cleft pallet.  Her parents couldn’t care for her, so she came to live at the orphanage we were visiting.

I have really been amazed at how little my girls have talked about India over the past year.  I thought they’d be bubbling over with stories to share with their friends and teachers at school.  When someone says to them, “You got to go to India?  How fun!  Sounds like a great vacation!” they politely press their lips together and grimace.  They know going to India is not “fun” or “a vacation”.  They were stretched farther and harder than they ever have been up until that point. I know that all 3 of them would agree that the hard stuff is worth the reward of seeing a baby like Rachel smile, or the woman we gave the banana to…

It’s not a vacation, but so, so worth it.

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  1. Bruno says:

    Thanks for setting the example, stretching our kids minds and hearts from an early age!

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