Nuclear War and the Big Reveal

It’s windy in Granger, In.  So windy, that the howling woke me up around 5am.  I took a look outside, and noticed that it was not raining, but the wind was blowing so hard, the melted snow two levels down from our bedroom was being whipped up to my windows, sounding like rain.

I laid back down, closed my eyes, then BOOM! An explosion.  Power out.  Power back on, then a greenish-blueish-orangeish glow illuminated our room.  Power out, then a steady orange glow. I look out my window, and the treetops across the street are all on fire!  Thankfully the wind was so strong, that it blew the fire out almost as quickly as it started.

The next few hours with 3 scared little girls was NO FUN AT ALL.  My beloved husband had fallen peacefully asleep downstairs while reading, and heard none of the near-nuclear war.

The funniest thing ever was going to breakfast at LePeep and identifying families with no power.  I told the girls to look for the Mommies with messy hair and no make-up.  Easily identifiable.

I am tired today, but we have power. 

Santa Clause is coming to our house TONIGHT!  The girls will awaken to one of the biggest surprises of their little lives.  I can hardly wait till 7am….wait…yes, I can.  I need to sleep first, then party!

Details and photos soon to follow…

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