The God of Abraham


Of all the images from the inauguration yesterday, this one was the most symbolic.   It says to me "Every thing is going to be O.K."  Not because Obama is a super-star, or a god, or a flawless leader.  It's because of Who we are still depending on as a nation.  We still pray at our inaugurations. People bowed their heads as Obama and Michelle held on to the Bible and held on to each other. 

This picture reminds me of all of that.  The same God that held Abraham Lincoln through the perilous days of the Civil War and the eradication of slavery is still holding on to us today.

What is it about God and America?  Why doesn't he just let us go?  We have not deserved his love or protection.  We say these times are tough, but every day I read about or hear from our friends in India who are being tortured, killed, starved, kicked out of their homes…Just yesterday we received a letter from our 10 yr. old Compassion International girl that said her 14 yr. old sister was married.   She had to.  Her Mom couldn't take care of her any more.

We live in a safe, protected country.  Our kids are comfortable. Our bellies are full.  We are so fortunate, and so, so blessed. 

4 thoughts on “The God of Abraham

  1. charity says:

    Thank you… I walked around in a funk yesterday struggling to feel how I know I should feel… Yes, our God is Sovereign…Thank you.

  2. Deanna says:

    Thanks for this post, Michelle! What a wonderful reminder. I think I may link to you, if that’s okay! 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks Michelle…that really puts it in perspective for me. I was feeling kinda sad yesterday, like if it were the end of an era.
    I will continue to look to God as usual for my strength and my rock.

  4. Sherry Ingle says:

    Isn’t it interesting that a country that finds it important to pray for a president during inauguration has decided that prayer shouldn’t be allowed in schools, or nativity scenes allowed on public property, etc. You’re right…we don’t always deserve His blessing.

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